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    The company was founded in September 1999. It specializes in researching, developing, producing and marketing fine chemical products. For eight years, the company has been engaging in developing and producing pyridine derivatives.There are two fine chemical factories in western suburb of Changzhou and Anhui Fine Chemical Industrial Base respectively.
    The company has complete quality inspection center, and it strictly implements quality system certification. Xingyu has established perfect laboratory, multifunctional pilot workshop and production workshop...

    Anhui Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd./Changzhou Jinweida Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Add: Fine Chemical Industrial Park, Wujiang Town, He County...
    P. C.: 213016 
    Tel: +86-555-2568883   +86-519-83293217   +86-13801504285 
    Fax: +86-555-2568988
    E-mail: jvd@ pyridinechem.com 
    URL: www.pyridinechem.com

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    Anhui Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd./Changzhou Jinweida Chemical Co., Ltd.


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